Through the years we have all heard the term “Trickle Down Economics”. During the Reagan Administration we heard Supply Side Economics, just another phrase for trickle down, which  basically said that if government policies were designed to get enough wealth into the hands of the corporations and the wealthy, they would satisfy the demand for goods and services, while creating job growth. Sounds simple, efficient, and everyone’s happy.

Well the Republican party has had that goal, to establish trickle down for decades, and they have been very successful by pushing through our current tax code, and corporate subsidy programs that hugely favors the already wealthy; the wealth is now in the hands of the corporations, and a very few individuals. The problem is the results. We now have a disappearing middle class, and a vast majority of workers whose hard labor barely provides for  a substance existence. An education has become so expensive for these families that the American Dream has literally vanished. Why doesn’t this policy work?

First of all this policy is returning us to the era of the robber barons of the late nineteenth century. If we didn’t currently have laws to protect workers, we would probably revert to the child labor abuses of the industrial revolution, actually Republican policy would put us right back there, as their goal is to remove regulations that are not business friendly, like the minimum wage, labor unions, safety in the work place, basically all of the things that made this the most desirable place in the world to live. Things that were once put in place after a national calamity, The Great Depression of the 1930’s.

It seems that the rebirth of trickle down is wreaking it’s havoc again, even in the midst of a seemingly growing economy. I say seemingly because even though the economic numbers of growth are positive, the hard truth is that true economic gains for the middle class are simply not there, almost all of the wealth from this economic growth is going into fewer and fewer hands. The numbers are staggering. Over one half of all of the total income goes to only ten percent of the population. Actually without getting into the recent economic studies, I found a cartoon that best defines it. What it showed was a corporate CEO who made nine million dollars a year, standing in front of a urinal for the fourth time in one day, and during that time he made more money than a minimum wage worker makes all year.

How did the Republican agenda accomplish this. First they were able to deceive you, the electorate, into believing their economic policies, under the guise of achieving the American dream. Things like, labor unions are bad, business regulations will cost you your job, lower taxes for business, and investors, or they can’t compete in the global markets,Privatize nearly everything, because the government is much less efficient than business. etc, etc, etc. Ignorance is not bliss in this instance, ignorance is a subsistence life. Your economic ignorance, and trickle down is their mantra, and their vehicle for control. The next time you vote, educate yourself on their agendas. The biggest fear they have is an educated electorate. Maybe they will stop using those vapid slogans, lets’ get our country back, or big government is stealing your freedoms, all the while that is exactly what they are doing with their voter registration laws, their anti science stance that protects business at the expense of all of us, and their intolerant social issues that divide us : the wealth that they are creating is the true thief of your freedoms.

Actually trickle down is the only economic system that we have ever had. The other trickle down is the government. Through your taxes the government has been designed to protect the interests of both business, and  the people. It was called free enterprise, and it was used to help us out of the great depression. It was successful. Our strong middle class grew out of those policies, policies that truly did provide the American dream for all,  policies that the Republican party dedicated  itself to tearing down. Their goal of less and less government has one thinking in terms of a country almost in chaos. But, that is not what they want, they want complete control through wealth and monopolies, which they are intent on getting with a mature unregulated capitalism, and right now they need you, and your votes to complete their agenda of economic slavery for the middle class.

I want to close with a statement I recall from one of the current Republican presidential candidates. He talked about struggling to live, and how being poor was good for the soul, and how it makes one a better person to grow out of poverty, and to achieve the American dream. Well that’s what we’re getting, mass poverty, and the struggle to eat before, and if success comes. Trickle down is here, which one do you want?