The Secret Invasion by Jon D Zimmer

The Secret Invasion defines the creation of one’s soul

Angelica looked at Michael for a second before she replied, knowing that her answer had to provide him with an understanding of the totality of free will and its relationship to God. “We are both saying the same thing. Yes, no matter the circumstances, your decision is yours and yours alone. As I told you earlier, the religious among us believe free will is the creator of one’s soul. It is the measurement of everything you have done, and the soul that is ultimately created is that which is in the image of God. It is the soul that will become the companion of God, and no longer his worshipper, no longer his dependent, which we believe is what God wants for each of us. The journey is long and goes through many stages of existence, beginning with the stage you are in now, and ending with God.”

Michael was really starting to enjoy the philosophical aspect of this conversation. “Okay. once you have achieved God-like status, then what is there?”

“God, time, and space are one, and eternal. There is always never-ending danger, adventure, and discovery, even for a deity. I believe our existence gets more beautiful as we go through eternity together.”

Michael was beginning to feel like he was in a conversation with a minister, one who had all of the answers, whether he asked the questions or not. He again felt like he was hallucinating. He’d had enough, and he really wanted to wake up. But he was awake, and Angelica was still sitting next to him.