I read an article in the newspaper this month about the airlines embellishing their lounge areas for “The Elite”.  The first thoughts I had were, who are the elite? So I decided to look up the definition of elite, which is as follows: the group or part of a group selected or regarded as the finest, best,most distinguished, most powerful, etc.

Now that I had a definition of the elite, I needed to break it down further to really understand it. The first thing the dictionary mentioned was, “the group or part of a group”, they missed a coma, but so what they’re probably not a part of the elite, so now I needed to know who, or what was the group? I would assume since it was the airlines that were catering to the elite, the group would be the planet’s total population.

The next items in the definition were, “the finest, the best, the most distinguished, the most powerful, etc.”, I hoped that maybe I could be in the etc. part. Okay we have these descriptions of the planet’s people who would be considered elite, but who makes the decisions that puts someone in the elite category? This is where I really get stumped, because I don’t know of any countries, organizations, etc., there’s that word again, that make that designation. There has to be something/someone that defines the elite, but who?

I thought about this for a while, and came up with a combination of two items that make up the elite, first was wealth, and second was the acceptance by the people of the planet that indeed wealth makes one elite. So now we have identified an elite person, someone who is wealthy.

I know that people accept wealth, and they should within reason, but wealth more than anything can impoverish, and can steal one’s  freedom.Which is what the global wealth is doing. Today  wealth is becoming more concentrated since the days of the American robber barons of the late nineteenth century, as more and more money moves away from the middle class. This concentrated money is financing elections, and those elected are legislating a system of laws and taxes where the poor subsidize the wealthy, while they get poorer, where an education is becoming prohibitive, and sadly where this  country actually has a growing population of children and adults that are hungry and homeless, where for the first time in our history the next generation will not do improve their standard of living, and where the largest prison population in the world…resides in our jails.

People have fallen for the lure of wealth from the beginning, and that was the American dream, I like to call it the dangling American carrot, because so very few ever achieved that dream, however, there was a period after World War Two that white Americans probably lived better than humanity has ever lived in all of its history. There were the wealthy, but there was a balance, a strong middle class, where the wealth was shared, What happened? Too many events to even begin to look at here, but simply put, we all saw ourselves as potentially wealthy, and succumbed to the dangling carrot syndrome, while the real wealth was slowly taking everything. One thing you should all know, you gave it to them with your growing  abundance of ignorance at the voting booths.

We have defined the elite as the wealthy that you accept, even support, and that has happened throughout history, even after the elite were removed, they eventually reemerged. Take the French Revolution where the aristocracy ignored the plight of the abject poverty of its’ citizenry until they rose up and took control. They so hated the aristocrats that they and their families would share lunch at the guillotining of the ruling aristocracy. I’m not advocating something that extreme, well maybe, no no, just educate yourself before voting.

A final thought on the elite. Was Mother Teresa elite? Well she wasn’t considered elite, she was simply a poor saint. Was Christopher Columbus elite? No he was an explorer who sailed with a lot of unwashed sailors, and brought wealth back to the coffers of the elite. It looks like Mother Teresa, and Columbus wouldn’t qualify to get into the airline lounge areas, but maybe those of you who still believe in the dangling carrot will someday be able to get in.

Now I have to say something about my latest book, The Secret Invasion. I think you will enjoy it.


The Secret Invasion – Book One of The God Chronicles 

Fantasy, yet believable, a haunting love story, intrigue filled with betrayal, and horrific deeds fill  the pages of this story of intense plots and complex characters

What appeared to be a beautiful hallucination has drawn Michael, a scientist, into a battle for the dominion of Earth. He is awakened one afternoon, not into the world of apparitions and hallucinations as he first thought, but into the world of reality by the most beautiful women he has ever seen, to help her capture a person from another dimension, from another time, but not from another place, Earth was where he was born, and where he died a long time ago.

One Dominic Dred has managed to leave the place where life continues after Earth, and returns in an attempt to be its ruler. He believes he has become a deity, and engages in a horrific war of treachery, betrayal, and homicide. The battle is in doubt throughout, and what seems to be a victory-is not.

There is a beautiful love story emerging between the protagonists Angelica and Michael. There is also the haunting question of whether their love will survive the battle between the two dimensions.  Their love is felt one morning as they are having breakfast, “There was so much beauty to see, the ocean, the seals of Seal Rock basking in the sun, the grand ships arriving and departing beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, but the only beauty they saw was in each other.”


Published by SynergEbooks  www.synergebooks.com  ISBN: 978-0-7443-2168-5

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