The Secret Invasion by Jon D Zimmer


The Secret Invasion – Book One of The God Chronicles 

Fantasy, yet believable, a haunting love story, intrigue filled with betrayal, and horrific deeds fill  the pages of this story of intense plots and complex characters.

This is the adventure of life after death…

Chapter one starts …

It took less than twelve hours for four-year old Adam to die, silently, alone, and unnoticed in his sleep after his brief encounter with something beautiful.  Something with vivid colors of red and yellow and black, lying motionless on the ground. It was just too enticing for a four-year-old boy not to want to touch it, not to want to pick it up, to keep it, and to take it home.  He simply wanted to do all of those things, and there was nothing in his short life that told him he couldn’t do them.  So without caution, or hesitation, or fear, he bent over, reached his hand down, and picked it up….

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