The Secret Invasion by Jon D Zimmer


The Secret Invasion – Book One of The God Chronicles 

Fantasy, yet believable, a haunting love story, intrigue filled with betrayal, and horrific deeds fill  the pages of this story of intense plots and complex characters.

This is the adventure of life after death…

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Michael was about to be converted.  He had no knowledge of what it was, or how it would be done, yet he committed to it.  He looked at Angelica for several seconds and said, “This conversion thing sounds great, but I think I may have just returned to the real world of my hallucinations.”

Angelica reached her hand out, and touched Michael.  It felt good to him.  Her hand was warm, he even noticed it had a slight glow to it.  He also noticed that her hand appeared to be disappearing into, or maybe becoming a part of his hand.  She stood up and silently moved closer to him.  He also stood up as she moved closer, their hands still entwined.  They were facing each other no more than several inches apart.  Both were silent.  Both were smiling.  Michael didn’t know what to expect, but he hoped it would go on.  She continued to move closer, even after their entire bodies were touching.  It seemed to Michael that the closer she got to him, more of her disappeared. Then she was totally gone.

Michael was mystified.  Where did she go?  He tried to answer his own question.  Sadly, he thought, just when my hallucination was getting great, it ended.  He felt as though he was about to come out of his hallucinatory state when a strange sensation began to engulf him.  It was a gradual change, a change not isolated to any one part of his body, but rather total in its feeling.

Something was happening to Michael.  He didn’t like it simply because he couldn’t understand it, or exercise any control over it, yet it felt sublime.  He decided to let it take its course.  After all, he thought, this was nothing more than an hallucination.  He sat back down on the sofa and surrendered himself to the sensation.

As the feelings continued, he felt a change in every physical aspect of his being.  But he couldn’t discern any distinctive change in himself, in the person he was.  Soon, he began to sense that he was becoming something more than just flesh and blood, something with very few physical boundaries or limitations.  He amusingly thought that maybe a part of his Sunday afternoon hallucination was to become Superman.

Through all of this he felt no discomfort.  Just the reverse, every physical thing about him felt better. Then, all of a sudden every physical sensation ceased.  It was as if his mind had become isolated from his body, but what his mind was experiencing was beyond anything he had ever felt, or even imagined possible in this existence.  This was sheer, unexplainable ecstasy.  He couldn’t even focus on what was generating the feeling.  It was as if all of the passion in the universe had rushed into his psyche, and then exploded in a flash of pure pleasure.

When it was over, he knew he wasn’t alone.  He was sharing this with someone.  Someone he couldn’t physically hold, or even touch, but someone without whom this would not have been possible.

Michael fell back on the couch, and even though the sensation was over, he closed his eyes to remember it, to savor it.  When he opened his eyes, Angelica was sitting next to him.  She had a smile on her face as she said, “Your conversion is now complete, and I must apologize for taking a little pleasure for myself without telling you. I found you very spiritually attractive, so I unified with you.”

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