The Secret Invasion by Jon D Zimmer


The Secret Invasion – Book One of The God Chronicles 

Fantasy, yet believable, a haunting love story, intrigue filled with betrayal, and horrific deeds fill  the pages of this story of intense plots and complex characters.

This is the adventure of life after death…

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When they arrived at their room it was nine o’clock in the evening. Michael went to the window in the living room area of the suite. They were on the top floor, and there was a sweeping view of the Las Vegas strip. It was beautiful, the city lights and the stars blended into what appeared to be a single landscape. Michael sat down on the sofa in front of the window, not wanting to relinquish a second of the almost ethereal sight in front of him.

Angelica joined him after completing her conversation with Samuel. They both were setting on the sofa enjoying the view when Angelica asked, “Have you ever wondered what I looked like when I was here on Earth?

Michael replied, “I would be lying if I said no, but you did tell me that you get the body you deserve as your spirit develops on Tranquility, so from that moment on, I felt that you were either this beautiful, or possibly more beautiful, and I never gave it a thought beyond that. Besides, it’s the person that makes someone attractive, you don’t have to be from Tranquility to understand that, and I find the person Angelica, something much more than just beautiful.”

There was a serene silence after Michael finished talking. Everything participated in the silence, the room was alive with colors and beautiful furnishings, but mute, the view looked eternal, and was also mute.

Michael felt sublime in this setting. His mind was also silent, yet lucid enough to embrace the thought of forever. Then this sublime moment was suddenly gone,  interrupted by a flash of blinding light. He involuntarily closed his eyes. In a second the light subsided enough for him to slowly reopen his eyes. What he saw next to him both frightened and astounded him.

There was a beautiful young woman looking into his eyes. The first thing he noticed beyond her beauty, was she was not of this age. She looked like a picture from the turn of the twentieth century.

Her soft light brown hair was delicately wrapped around her head, her oval eyes were a provoking deep hazel green, her cheek bones were high, yet her face was slightly, and delicately shaped, her skin was like a soft alabaster, and her figure belied the attire of the time, she was petite with a small waist that was the centerpiece of perfection, to say the least, she was magnificent.

Michael, had taken all of this in, and was now in a calmer, almost surreal state as he was about to speak, but before he could say a word, this beautiful woman setting next to him, reached out, put her finger on his lips and spoke first, “Its’ me, Angelica you’re looking at. Remember a few minutes ago I asked you if you were curious as to what I looked like while I was living on Earth?”

Michael didn’t immediately respond to her question, he just continued looking. He thought this woman was more beautiful than Angelica, yet she was Angelica. His uncontrollable humor took over as it did so many times, he thought how can someone be more beautiful than themselves? He finally spoke, “Yes I remember,” He stopped for a second, grinned, then continued, “But why the costume.?”

She was a little disappointed by his comment as she replied, “I wanted you to see me as I was in 1910. I guess I just wanted to put things in perspective for you.”

Michael still continued looking at her. He finally expressed to her what he was feeling. “I am sitting next to the most beautiful person I have ever known, no in the entire universe. And I’m not being superficial by simply being attracted to pure physical beauty, Its’ you, Angelica the person that I find so beautiful, and it is Angelica the person that I have fallen so desperately in love with.”

Angelica was filled with the emotion of a first love by Michael’s declaration. She reached out with both arms, put them around his shoulders, and pulled him to her to where his head was resting on her shoulder. She kissed his forehead several times. With each kiss she held him a little tighter. She put her hands around his head, gently raised it, and whispered in his ear, “I am back in your world now, and during my time here I never experienced the emotional love between a man and a woman until I met you, and I never felt such a strong carnal desire to consummate that love.”….

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