Jon D Zimmer, Author


The Secret Invasion by Jon D Zimmer

The Secret Invasion – Book One of The God Chronicles
Fantasy, yet believable, a haunting love story, intrigue filled with betrayal, and horrific deeds fill the pages of this story of intense plots and complex characters
What appeared to be a beautiful hallucination has drawn Michael, a scientist, into a battle for the dominion of Earth. He is awakened one afternoon, not into the world of apparitions and hallucinations as he first thought, but into the world of reality by the most beautiful women he has ever seen, to help her capture a person from another dimension, from another time, but not from another place, Earth was where he was born.
One Dominic Dred has managed to leave the place where life continues after Earth, and returns in an attempt to be its ruler. He believes he has become a deity, and engages in a horrific war of treachery, betrayal, and homicide. The battle is in doubt throughout, and what seems to be a victory-is not.
There is a beautiful love story emerging between the protagonists Angelica and Michael. There is also the haunting question of whether their love will survive the battle between the two dimensions. Their love is felt one morning as they are having breakfast, “There was so much beauty to see, the ocean, the seals of Seal Rock basking in the sun, the grand ships arriving and departing beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, but the only beauty they saw was in each other.”

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During the last three years there have been three mysterious deaths all linked to Mary’s romances. Her first lover allegedly committed suicide, her next lover was murdered, and every man she has a sexual relationship with thereafter meets a gruesome end shortly after the relationship is consummated. Hoping to prevent the deaths of future lovers, Mary seeks the help of a psychiatrist, who concludes that the common denominator is Mary. A police investigation includes Mary as a suspect, but the detective investigating the deaths develops many theories about who the murderer might be. He also falls deeply in love with Mary and she with him. A chilling end ensues, where the unlikely killer is finally revealed in this psychological drama that involves mystery, suspense, and sensual romance.

All of these books are available in both E-book and Paperback on Amazon or Barns and Noble, and all website book sellers.  With the exception of the Trinity Pact, which is only available in hard copy.

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An epic saga of one family achieving the American dream.

From World War One to the present the Gilbert family rises from the poverty of the Great Depression to extreme wealth, using the events of a changing America to create their fortune, while their personal history is one of intrigues, murders, adulterous romances, and politics.

It’s November 1944 when Jack arrives at the El Toro air base in¬†Orange County, California. The only thing that is saving him from utter depression is the unanswered questions he is conjuring up regarding the death of his wife, and when he is not thinking about her death, he is riddled with guilt over his affair with Joshette. Then when he thinks of Joshette, the guilt turns into a heartbroken love for a woman unlike whom he will never meet again in his life.

The man who leaves Orange County for home is emotionally broken; he is empty. He thinks he has lost his soul, and is floating aimlessly from one meaningless encounter of life to another. He is becoming suicidal…

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Who are these three extraordinary people who entered this life under very strange circumstances? Are they merely three exceptional people with powers of perception that exceed anything known within humanity? Are they a genetically engineered experiment? Are they the trinity incarnate? They do not even know themselves but, they do know they are exceptional. They have been acquiring these powers since childhood. The powers are becoming more extreme as their lives progress through their school years. Leaving high school they decide to use their powers to make the world a better place and form The Trinity Pact. They choose politics as their vehicle to make the world a better place. They know their lives must be pristine in order to achieve political success. They struggle with all of the temptations that their good looks, intellect and powers of perception can heap upon them.