Since America went to war with the British in 1776 to establish our country, we have been in some type of military conflict for all but some twenty-five of those two hundred and thirty-eight years. To put it another way, there has not been one president, during whose term/terms, that America was not engaged in military operations somewhere in the world.

It is almost as if America has developed it’s own type of aggressive DNA, and its not just an aspect of human nature. There are many countries that have extended periods of peace.

So what is it that contradicts our moral values, that contradicts the basis for our becoming a nation of a free and independent people? I can think of many reasons, however two seem to be glaring.

The first is wealth, no matter its source. From the very beginning money has influenced political elections. Today the use of wealth to gain political power has become so sophisticated and so entrenched in the political process, that it psychologically affects the electorate and is now beginning to disenfranchise it.

The second is the economics we employ. Capitalism ultimately creates very few winners, and a vast number of losers. Many reformers have tried to regulate it, and have had some success, but as wealth continues its inertia, the battle is being lost.

How do these two things create our aggressive DNA? Simply put, wealth and capitalism know no borders, they have no compassion, and they have no sense of compromise beyond total victory, particularly since our supreme.has now given their corporations the same status as people.

There are many among us who understand this, and are fighting it, but I hold little hope for their success. Even the wealthy philanthropists are making the situation worse by spending their large fortunes on a humane cause that will still be there once their money is spent, rather than making a more permanent change by using their fortune to fix the political system that created the problem.

America has not limited itself to foreign wars, there are the internal wars that we are fighting. The War on Poverty and The war on Drugs. Both continuing, and both failures.

These wars have cost trillions of dollars. The war on poverty has not improved the conditions of those it was designed to help because of political road blocks, and the war on drugs has created an entire culture of felons.

When the war on drugs began, the prison population in America was half a million. Thirty-five years later we now have two and a quarter million people in prison, the largest in the world. That’s people, not objects, or throw away’s as our society now looks upon those with an illness, those unable to fend for themselves. Just another feature of mature, unregulated capitalism.

This was my motivation for writing Generations-Birth of an American Aristocracy. Read it and see what is happening to each of you, and to your children if you don’t act.