I have grown up in this country when it was the greatest place in the world to be alive, not just in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, but in the complete history of all of us.

My college education was actually pocket change.The friends who graduated from high school with me, and elected not to continue with their education found jobs that provided a living wage.

This was a country that was not in the top ten of everything, it was number one in all that was measured.

Yet it was not idyllic. There was racial discrimination, our military might made us occasional bullies, and we were involved in wars of intervention, rather than diplomacy. However, these problems were recognized by a knowledgeable electorate, and progress was moving forward.

What happened? In my life time I have seen us, the people who populate this once great country, decline to become the top ten in nothing. A college education is prohibitive to a large number of our high school graduates, and those that do pay for it are looking at a lifetime of debt.

Yes laws have been passed that prohibit discrimination, but de facto discrimination is rampant, and corporations have become people.

We are still involved in wars of intervention, only these wars are not paid for except by the elimination of the progress and the expense of our social causes, at the things that made us the envy of every human on the planet.

What happened? A living wage is rapidly becoming the by product of a skewed distribution of wealth. A lobbied phenomenon that has the inertia to create a Soylent Green society among us.

What happened? An electorate goes to the polls to vote, and has no intellectual understanding of the issues, and are thus driven to decisions by their emotions, emotions that have been carefully cultivated by the spending of vast sums of money that will feed on the ignorance that preys on fears, and an anachronistic value system.

What happened? Some say globalization, or world terrorism, or technology, or differences in political and economic systems, and religions.These things will, and tend to cause problems, problems only if we let those who choose to use them to satisfy their own political and self serving agendas.